Iran policy

Our Festival is open to all without Ethnic, political, racial or religious prejudice.

We are aware of the situation in Iran, and we regret that the SWIFT BAN may create problems for entries, so we provide a waiver code for our Iranian friends.

We greatly appreciate Iranian cinema and the works who participated in previous years; in the 2022 edition, a product of your country was  awarded.

Unfortunately, we can no longer cope with the increasing number of applications from Iran, because the number of waivers is limited and we have to give everyone an equal chance.

Keep in mind that ours is not an online festival but an in-person festival, with a venue where the screenings are held. If you get the chance, consider moving and visiting us in our beautiful city; it would be an honor for us to be able to host you, should your product make it to the finals.

We must therefore kindly ask you to strictly adhere to certain rules, especially out of respect for your compatriots who would find themselves excluded due to someone’s lack of fairness.
Therefore, to obtain the code:

  • Provide subtitles in Italian. Although the technical jury could understand English, the film could not be shown to the audience without Italian subtitles, not least because it would be impossible to participate in the special audience award, and it would be useless to enter it. There is no hurry to register; you can request the code until early May, because subscriptions expires on 5/18/2024. We are confident that your editors will be able to solve the problem in time.
  • Use the code for only one product, using the same e-mail address used to request the code. Products from e-mails that did not request the code will be automatically  disqualified, so do not give the code to other people, as this will disqualify the product.
  • If you want to enter more than one product, or you are a distributor,  please let us know the exact number of products you want to enter, we will work something out
  • Do not use bots. Do not send more than one e-mail wihth the same content, they will be marked as “spam” and your email address will be blocked.
  • Wait for a reply. Several days may pass before receiving a reply, be patient.  We always reply, but we receive hundreds of requests from Iran, and thousands from all over the world, so we kindly ask you to not  create confusion and  reply to the email you receive for any further communication.

Dear friends, we really appreciate your politeness and courtesy in writing the e-mails, but the requests from your country are so many, and they put our secretariat in serious difficulty.

Please have the courtesy to read our rules before joining.

To request the code fill the form below

Confident of your understanding, we thank you for choosing our Festival.

IRAN Form (#4)
San Benedetto International Film Festival